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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Still don't have them

We applied to get our four Ukrainian born kids state issued birth certificates so we don't always have to whip out the Ukrainian birth certificates when things like that are required.

It was a pretty complicated process.  We had to have our social worker visit us for a post placement report, and then write a letter for us.  I filled out multiple forms (times 4!) and mailed them with an $80 check at the beginning of July. The $80 check cleared the Dept. of Vital Records on July 11th.

In August, I called to ask where the birth certificates were.  I was told they were mailed out...
But I never got them.
Four birth certificates, all mailed in a separate envelope, missing.

They told me that they were mailing four replacements.

Well, here we are THREE weeks later, and I still don't have them.

I am at a loss.

We called the post office and they insist they never saw them and have no way to track first class mail.  They suggested we ask the Dept. of Vital Records to mail them signature required.
Hahahaha.... telling a government agency to do something.

We called the police department and they said the Post Office is Federal territory and we should file a complaint with a postal inspector.  So we did...
and no one EVER called us.

At this point, I am thinking they never left the Dept. of Vital Records building.  Four birth certificates disappearing is super sketchy and highly unlikely.
Having it happen TWICE is really blowing my mind.

I plan to call again on Monday and I WILL drive the hour to their building and show up to request the certificates in person if I don't get a satisfactory response.

After our issues with getting the boys' Certificates of Citizenship (the government "overlooked" them) and then the crazy law preventing us from applying for SSNs for the boys you'd think we'd be due a break.  

I think I need to create a label called "paperwork hades" because as we're approaching one year home, I am remembering those annual reports required for the Ukrainian Consulate, and realizing we should probably just plant some trees to make up for the ones we're killing because it is never.going.to.end.  

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