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Monday, September 1, 2014

Vacation Day 2

We got up at 7am to drive 45 minutes to the Georgetown Marina in the historical district of Georgetown, SC for a Historical Lighthouse and Shell Island Tour.

Captain Rod showed us where the rice plantations of SC used to be prior to the Civil War.

We saw Bald Eagles.

And Dolphins.

The island is a Wildlife Nature Refuge full of wild pigs, horses, bobcats, and snakes.  
We stayed on the beach to look for shells!

V found a hermit crab in the surf.

The island we visited was the first place that Lafayette stepped foot in America.
It was also home to a juvenile detention center until 1997.
It is absolutely beautiful.

We spent 1 1/2 hours on the island walking around looking for shells.

The islands in the area lose 1 foot of their soil each week.  
That leads to major erosion of the landscape and the trees wash up on other islands. 

W with a little sand crab.

W loved the driftwood.  He found a glass bottle washed up on the shore as well.
The amount of trash that washes up on islands is actually really gross.
We talked about how important it is to put garbage in the trash and never just toss it in the ocean.

This lighthouse used to be built out of wood, but was destroyed twice by hurricanes.
It was rebuilt out of stone, complete with a 5 foot deep foundation.
During the Civil War, Union warships used this lighthouse for target practice for 10 days.
The top third had to be rebuilt.
What I took away from this little lesson is that Yankees must all be a terrible shot because leaving two thirds of a lighthouse after 10 days is just shameful.

Looking at a mama dolphin and her baby.

There was a pod of dolphins that kept following our boat.

Mama and Baby Dolphin.

This was near the end of the tour when the natives were threatening to riot because it was 10 minutes past lunchtime.

This was the plantation home of Francis Marion "The Swamp Fox" 
on whom the movie The Patriot was based.

Yah... after 3 hours the kids were a little tired.
(and we gave D dramamine which makes him drowsy lol)

We took them for hot dogs and ice cream in Georgetown.

We stopped at our favorite fish market in Murrells Inlet to get some clams and lobster shrimp for dinner.

I found the nasty little culprit of W and E's stings yesterday, floating in a tide pool.

I nearly stepped on it myself because it was nearly invisible in the water.

Dinner tonight.
I absolutely love cooking seafood.

Lobster Shrimp.
I tried some with the shell on and some de-veined with the shell off.
And.... I ate them all by myself.
All of them.  Delicious.

V was completely obsessed with the crabs.  
We had to go over where the eyes and mouth were.

I showed all of the kids how to properly deconstruct and eat a steamed crab.
Half the fun of eating crabs is taking them apart anyways!

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