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Thursday, October 23, 2014

An Update to the Horrible Realtor Situation

Wow- so thanks for all the response to my last post!  Its nice to know that people don't just read my blog, but really care.  I've gotten a lot of FB messages about this as well that have been very helpful.

So, first off we DID contact the broker right away.  We have an hour long phone conversation recorded with the broker and the realtor in which they berated us continually, bringing up our family, where my husband works, the listing info on the house we just purchased, how they felt like they lost out on getting to sell our other house, saying it was being taken personally, and telling us that we should have checked the paperwork more thoroughly.  The broker insisted that we were under contract with the firm, and the realtor kept saying, "That was MY paycheck!" among other very unprofessional things.

The whole thing sounded like two women angry over losing a boyfriend.  It was the most ridiculous and unprofessional phone call I've ever heard when dealing with a business transaction.  I've heard my share of horrible fights during a divorce and fights over custody.  THAT is what it sounded like.  A custody battle for MONEY.

We have the forms from DPOR to file complaints.  I already notified them of what was going on and we will be completing the complaint process for as many places as we can find so no one else EVER has to go through this.  We also called corporate (large real estate business ) and filed a complaint with them.  Fortunately that seemed to get some attention as yesterday we got a phone call that they will be sending us a letter apologizing for the things that were said and done.  The contract wasn't done correctly to start with, and we were under no obligation because of that even if it had been explained and we had been given a copy.  The actions of both the broker and the realtor were inappropriate and not in compliance with how their firm does business.  They should never have called us demanding money, they should have called the brokerage of the realtor that sold us this home and talked to them.

We are extremely relieved, but that was not a good feeling and we still can't believe that they would treat a family that way.  I walked around feeling ready to be sick for days and my husband wasn't sleeping.  You just don't do that to people.  We were ready to call a U.S. Attorney (knowing so many people through adoption is a wonderful resource!) and file a counter suit if they had come back after us after reviewing our complaint,  but thankfully it didn't come to that.

Can I just say this was so crazy!?  and…

WHO does this!?

I saw this verse several times over the past few days in my newsfeed and found it comforting.  We certainly are not perfect, but as I have said before we do not ever try to be dishonest or hurt anyone intentionally.

Proverbs 2:7
He holds success in store for the upright, he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless.


daniellem02 said...

So glad things worked out, and hopefully those two won't try something similar to another family in the future!

Carolina said...

I really hope the nightmare is over now! :)

Montague said...

So relieved to hear of corporate KW admitting their agent's/broker's fault with the original contract! What a sigh of *relief* you both must have had after that call yesterday. Hope they send you that admission of fault in paper soon.

Jaw dropping immaturity on the part of the KW broker and agent! How is that even done in such a highly regulated industry?

Here's to a good night's sleep for all of you AND the quick sale of your home!!

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