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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

M's Eyes

As a result of our ongoing struggle with the school system here, M had an independent educational evaluation done by a nationally renowned neuropsychologist.  The results were very validating for me.  I knew she struggled to learn; I knew it wasn't from lack of intelligence.  Finally I have 31 pages of results from correctly performed evaluations, explaining my daughter.

There are many new things we learned about M.  Many.many.many. Things.  Which is both good to finally know exactly what's going on, and very overwhelming to realize all at once how broad the scope of her learning disabilities are.

But today we did this at a developmental optometrist.

And we walked away with several more new diagnosis.  Binocular amblyopia.  Intermitant strabismus.  Dyslexia. And more. 

So this is happening.  Prism lenses.  

Her eyes themselves are healthy.  But they don't work together and as a result of her stroke, her brain distorts images.  Hopefully this will help some.  I feel awful for my child to have been trying to read and write with all of this going on.  


Speechless said...

I would love to hear more about the neuropsych testing. We had some (expensive) psychological testing completed this summer that told us basically nothing (except that my PI kid won't cooperate for assessment.) Do you mind sharing who did M's assessment?

Also...what specific testing did you request/they complete for M's vision? Our M has some vision issues, but the biggest issue that I see (in both my kids) is the visual processing rather than actual vision (e.g., our M draws things completely upside down or on their sides, poor tracking, etc.)

Sorry for all of the questions...this just sounds similar to what we're looking into right now :)

Mom to Mine said...

Dr. Federici did M's assessment. Google that name and he'll pop up. He was GREAT and specializes in internationally adopted children.
We just took M to a developmental optometrist and showed her the neuropsych report. Optic Nerve dysplasia was a concern as well as dyslexia. She did multiple tests and was able to determine what's wrong. A developmental optometrist is different than an ophthalmologist. We had previously seen an ophthalmologist and not gotten this kind of additional info.

Speechless said...

Thank you...we had an appointment scheduled with Dr. Federici and cancelled due to cost, but it's looking more and more like it might be worth it. I didn't even realize that a developmental optometrist existed, I need to look that up!

Penny said...

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To be clear, I am NOT selling anything, I'm just a satisfied customer who'd like people to know about it. Feel free to email me - penny@waylandmusic.com .

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