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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Therapy for Mama

On this blog, I mostly talk about my kids.  We have 3 kids doing multiple kinds of therapy.  Occupational therapy, vision therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy.  We DO therapy.  I am really great at making sure my kids get to every appointment they need to.  I check homework.  I pack snacks.  I wash clothes.  I clean.  I cook dinners.  I grocery shop for 8 people.  I drive kids to and from the bus stop.  I attend school events.  I attend countless meetings, field phone calls, send emails, and write letters.  I also been great about ignoring my own pain.  The stress of the past four years, and in particular the past 12 months finally caught up to me.  I walk around at a 5-6 on a pain scale most days, and have been for nearly a year now, ignoring it because I have to.  No one else can do my job; I don't have time to take time out for me.  I didn't want to take time out for me!

I finally made an appointment and immediately got sent for X-rays.  I was asked how I was functioning like this.  Well, because I have no choice.  I don't even know what it feels like to NOT be in pain.  Stress is the trigger that is causing me all kinds of problems.  A year's worth of overwhelming stress has left me in constant pain.  Due to the massive amount of meetings I have with the school this month and the extra special pain that amount of stress was putting me in, I am now heading to therapy for several hours next week myself (and probably for a while after that).

Moms get it.  We go until we can't go anymore; we sit down for 5 minutes and get up again.  We just do.  But if the day comes when we've pushed our own limits too far and caused our own bodies harm, we can't be there for those that need us the most.  I've struggled with not even having the time to pluck my eyebrows, let alone schedule an appointment for myself, but I finally did (and many more subsequent appointments after that)

Take care of yourselves Mamas.  I see you in my newsfeed.  I see you at the therapy center.  I see you at the doctor offices, and in the hospital.  If you want to do the best by your children then take the time to take care of YOU.  

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