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Saturday, April 25, 2015

SOL pep rally fail

I got a call from the school nurse at 3:15pm yesterday letting me know D came to the office saying his hand hurt.  She said his pinky was a little swollen so she gave him some ice and sent him to the bus.

D got off the bus with the ice, in obvious pain, saying he got tripped while dancing at the SOL pep rally in the gym and landed on his hand.

I have four brothers who have broken bones and needed stitches.  I broke a finger running into a swing set at night, and was in a cast after a soccer accident.  I suspected when I looked at his hand that it was broken.

We went to the ER where they sent him straight to X-ray.  As soon as it flashed up on the screen I said, "oooooh geez. That's not supposed to look like that is it."  The tech wouldn't tell me for sure but I texted my husband and said, "It looks bad."  

The doctor came in and I was right.  Bone snapped and twisted right behind his right pinky.  We got referred to a hand surgeon.  D is in a cast to his elbow.  We got home around midnight.  

I emailed the school and opted him out of SOL testing because he can't use his right hand at all.  Irony huh?  A rally to get kids excited about a pointless, stress inducing, standardized test that none of them want to take, and my kid broke his hand so badly he can't write. (Obviously I'm not a fan of SOL tests but that is another post.)    

After he got casted he asked for something to drink.  He said he was an 8 on the pain scale when we walked in but he never cried.  I didn't tell him yet that he's probably having surgery next week.  I'll wait till we meet with the surgeon but that X-Ray was nasty :(  We got sent home with a prescription for a narcotic that he cannot take and go to school.  Sooo… looks like we're in for a fun week.

This coming week I have two appointments to determine if will be allowed up off of bed rest.  This really couldn't have come at a worse time, but we'll roll with it.  Please pray for both D and I.  I think we'll dub April "The month we met our deductible."  


Carolina said...

Poor D! Ouch. Lovely smile in the last photo, though. What a beautiful teen you have there! :)

Blessed said...

Oh, so sorry! : ( I'm praying for his pain & the outcome.

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