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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dynamic Arm Brace

We are excited!!  M got an articulated arm brace today.  It will provide a continuous dynamic stretch for her affected arm.  It has settings on it to allow for the adjustment of the resistance, but she can bend her arm to use it while it's on which is awesome!

We had issues last year with teachers at school being angry at her for not using her right arm to do things like cut paper, but her old brace had a stay that immobilized her elbow and didn't allow her to bend her arm.  She would ask for help from a classmate then get clipped down.  We ended up just doing away with that brace at school since no one could seem to understand when it would be appropriate and helpful to remove it for her.  When it was removed, it was not put it back on properly.  This situation was frustrating for M and me!

We got the script for this new brace from her orthopedic doctor before school let out in May.  It would have fixed all of the issues we were having with the old brace (I think) but then again so has home schooling!

So we will just be the thrilled recipients of this new brace all by ourselves. Honestly I'm happy to have her home where I can monitor how it's working 24/7 and not have to wonder if someone is angry at her for being different or if it's hurting her because someone put it back on wrong.

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SammE said...

As a retired primary teacher, I cannot believe that M's teachers would not be careful to make sure she was comfortable and actually able to participate, and removing her brace and being extremely careful putting it back on. That is pitiful and her former teachers should be ashamed. Homeschooling will be wonderful for M and the boys. Their only teacher loves them!

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