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Friday, October 2, 2015

Our curriculum is here!

We are so excited to start using Dyslexia Games Homeschool Journals!

Each workbook includes 30 Lessons, with 10 pages for each lesson, providing four hours of guided learning time. This homeschooling handbook was created by Sarah Janisse Brown, a dyslexia therapist and game designer with ten children. 

I will be writing more complete reviews of how the kids are doing with them as we get going.

E was so excited to see the Kitty Doodle one and claimed it right away! He loves cats!  

We also have Teach Your Child to Read,Write and Spell with 100 Easy Bible Verses, the Field Trip Journal, the Planner and Organizer as well as the Creative Writing Notebook. I'm pretty sure D is going to be all over the Creative Writing Notebook because it has a horse on the front (his favorite animal) and he loves to make up stories.

These books look like so much fun and tie right into what we've already been doing.  We've been using a few of the workbooks from Dyslexia Games series A during the past school year to help with letter confusion.  D, V, E, and M are all severely dyslexic and reading profoundly below grade level.  We saw improvement when they started using Dyslexia Games so we will be finishing series A with the kids that still need that, beginning series B with the ones that are ready for that, and series C is for Denis.

You can go to this link on Amazon to get a complete look at what Dyslexia Games has to offer.  I have been so thrilled with how well this works for my "out of the box" kids!

Also…. trip down memory lane time!

Its October 2nd!

Two years ago today we had our SDA appointment in Ukraine and got the referral for our boys!  How quickly the time does fly!

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