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Friday, February 26, 2016

Brain Integration Therapy

A quick update on D.  He is still reading at a very, very early elementary level.  While I see improvement, things are just not clicking for him like they really should.  What I know he needs is a program like Lindamood-Bell that is specifically for Dyslexic kids.  That's what was recommended by Dr. Federici.  That is what the school refused to provide.  That is what I cannot afford.  AH!!
The frustration is palpable.

So, I found a Brain Integration Therapist.  She is also NOT cheap, but she claims that she can repair the issues he has in his brain that make reading, writing, and retaining information in general so difficult for him.  She says that in 8-10 sessions she can repair these issues.

Yes, I am skeptical.  I have been mulling this over for a year now, but had not pursued it due to costs and wishful thinking that perhaps things would finally click for D once we got him out of the school environment and allowed him to de-stress.
They have not.

I am frustrated with both his lack of effort and his lack of ability.  And not just AT him.  I am frustrated for him because he so obviously WANTS to please me, but he absolutely cannot learn things when he cannot read.  Its like he has accepted that he cannot read well and sees no reason to put forth extra effort to work harder at something that is (in his mind) so unattainable.  If I present things in a very loving way, he takes it as me not being very serious about him needing to put effort into it.  If I demand a greater effort, he acts like he is being punished.  I cannot seem to unwrap the happy medium.  We have explained that he cannot drive a car or have a job (things he wants to do) if he cannot read in hopes that a goal would spur him onward.  He just seems to accept that what we are saying is true without being motivated by the potential outcome.

I am the most motivated person I know when I want to do something.  I was this way as a child.  Tell me I can't and you have guaranteed that I will now spend my life's energy on proving you wrong.  D is not like this.  If someone tells him that he cannot, he won't.  If you tell him that he can and its hard, he still won't.  I am at the far outer reaches of my parenting abilities here.  How to motivate a child that has no real goals except to do things that are easy and fun?  I have honestly no idea.  Easy is boring to me.

The Brain Integration Therapist seems to think that its a combo of both PTSD and some form of brain injury.  This is basically an extremely condensed version of what Dr. Federici said his problems stem from. Where they came from and what they are right now do not matter so much as how we move past them.

I am honestly too skeptical to be hopeful.  This is going to cost over $1000 and while I am well aware of the possibilities of neuroplasticity, I also see this as being perhaps "too good to be true."  However, this particular therapist and her office keep popping up in my newsfeed and being mentioned to be by friends.  I know from experience that this is often God's way of nudging me in the right direction.  If God keeps throwing little tidbits of facts my way, its often worth checking out.

So, here we go!  Please pray with me that this helps my boy.  If this works for D then we will of course pursue therapy for the other 3 kids.

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