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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A Math Update

I'm so proud of my kids and incredibly happy with Teaching Textbooks!  

D was going to be in 6th grade at the Middle School this year, but he was struggling with 3rd grade level math last year. He had made very little progress in math during 4th and 5th grade in public school.

V's strength is math. Other than word problems, he did well in math. He continues to excel and is on par with where we enrolled him in school.

W was making progress, but struggling with math concepts. He was probably around a year behind in math in 3rd grade last year.

E was still struggling with concepts like 1+1 and 2+1 and 9-9 last year. It just wasn't clicking.

M also struggles with 9-1 or 9-9 and fact families. If 3+4 = 7 then 4+3=? *blank stare*

Wy is as smart as a little tack and doing multiplication already…

As we near the end of the school year here is where my kids stand with their math.

D has completed 4th grade math and is nearly halfway through 5th grade math. W and V are finishing up 4th grade math this week. Wy is halfway through 3rd grade math (he's in 2nd grade).  

In the last few weeks, Eli has started working on 3rd grade math and is making good progress.
Consider that W was a year behind in math, D was nearly 3 years behind, E was 2 years behind, and that the school wanted to retain Wy in 1st grade, you can see how great they are doing!

M has just started trying the first few lessons on TT3. I'm not sure if she's ready for it yet, but she's close. Right now she's working on a Math Comic Book from Dyslexia Games. She and E like to use the abacus to help them visualize the problems. M's weakness is math. She just doesn't get the concepts, but she is definitely trying and excited to be able to work on the computer like the other kids for her math.

We are also using Times Tales for the kids to work on multiplication facts. Slowly but surely they are getting them :) If we have to watch the videos all summer for the kids to learn their multiplication facts and have them down for next school year then we will!


Nicole said...

very exciting ! :)

pedidoc said...

Keep up the good work! Sounds like they have all put in tons of effort this school year. What validation that you did the right thing pulling them out of school. Looks like you found ways to teach that they could learn. I'll bet they are proud of their accomplishments.

Consider a Montessori Multiplication bead board so they can "see" the multiplication. Some families make DIY ones with upside down shower mats and red pony beads. Others print off a board and use red pushpins on a cork board.



This website has AWESOME dot paper and grids as well as a dozen ways to introduce the concept concretely.


For M please consider making a Montessori strip board so she can visualize number families, crossing 10, etc concretely.



When she is ready you can try the snake game (Some kids start with this, some kids end with this...concrete kids who have trouble visualizing the mathematical relationships do really well starting with this). First set up the snake so it only makes sums of 10 without remainders. Then upgrade to remainders when that is easy.


Hope your summer is wonderful!

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