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Friday, August 19, 2016

My Homeschool Wish List and Plans for 2016-17

I have decided to organize my wish list for school on one post.  I've had several people ask both what we use and what we need for the kids, so I want to put it all in one place.

We desperately need a few more iPads. They don't have to be the newest model, but the kids dyslexia app Learning Ally runs on the iPad as well as dragon diction and a few other apps that we use very often. Learning Ally is the kids' main reading curriculum. Its basically an audio library with thousands of books that display text as the words are read.

We need a few more sets of ear phones.

We could really use another laptop or two.

I want to try the Osmo app for the kids.

We use Teaching Textbooks for math and I need to purchase TT6 right now. Its around $90 used.

I also want to purchase Touch, Type, Read, and SpellTTRS is a multi-sensory course that teaches touch-typing skills to help children and adults improve their reading and spelling.
TTRS can be used as a standalone touch-typing course and is especially useful for those with dyslexia and other learning difficulties. Its bit pricey at $400 for 12 months to get access for 4 children. I'm exploring the monthly or tri-monthly subscription option though. I really feel this program is what we need to get.

We'd also need more than one computer for this program to be practical so I'm checking into a discount program (price list in link) for homeschoolers. Right now we have one desktop and running 6 kids through math lessons and a typing program just isn't workable.

I need several more Dyslexia Games DIY Homeschool Journals. They worked well for many of my kids so I'd like to continue with them.

We need a whiteboard.

We need gel pens.

We need erasures and pencils.

My Brother printer/copier is out of ink and paper.

We need a few small tables and chairs as well as a few school desks.

I want a world and a U.S. wall size map.

I want to get Snap Words flash cards for the kids still struggling with sight words.

We need paint and new carpet for the basement to turn it into the school room we had planned.

Several kids continue to need therapy that is not free outside of the school system.

This is my Homeschooling amazon wish list.

I'm adding my PayPalMe link for people to donate to if they feel so inclined. I hate asking for money, but the facts are that my kids desperately need adaptive equipment that I cannot afford. Crowd Funding helped us bring our boys home, so I am turning to it again to help us raise the money to give them the education they deserve.

Donate to Our School Fund

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